Friday, April 20, 2012

Commuting at Sunrise- Accra Style

This "trotro" was taking a short cut early in the morning. You'd think there shouldn't be that many cars on the road at that time of day but Accra is notorious for waking up early. Most people wake up between 4 and 5am to prepare to get to work.

Ghana's problem is not laziness. It's leadership. Too many people rush to work but there's very little or nothing to do. Unfortunately, over time most of these people become comfortable with getting paid to do nothing.  The day Ghana learns to maximise its human resource, that will be day our destiny will properly change.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Treasonous Words & Hungry Politicians in Ghana

I am saddened to hear that an over-misfed buffoon has been beating war drums in marketplaces and behind egg-crate walls. Who born dog? The saddest part is, since there is no elder in his house, the malnourished youth who lap his stinky plates have taken to the streets; shitting shamefully everywhere. Times have really changed in Ghana. Back in the day, not too long ago, a fool like that will be picked up and fed with hot coal tar through his behind, till his eyes popped like polished saucers.

As Ghanaians, we complain A LOT. We are always on radio complaining but what we don’t know, according to my Senegalese friend who now lives in this country, “Ghanaians are actually living in a bubble. You guys have no idea how special and blessed you are.”  You can’t call for war in a country like Ghana and not be a fool, a glutton, a goat, an ingrate or just simply somebody whose mother dropped him when he was an infant. 

I spend a lot of time traveling through this region. Go to Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Nigeria, Gambia, Mali. If you have a little more money, get to Niger, Guinea, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Cameroon etc and you will realize how blessed and privileged a people we are. Our only problem as a nation is we take our blessedness for granted and here is what I mean:

In Ghana, no parent worries about the safety of their children when they send them off to school in the morning. Nobody is looking for child soldiers or underage brides.
In Ghana, 90% of drivers roll up so they can enjoy some A/C, not necessarily because they’re afraid of being attacked.
In Ghana, 99% of our civilian population have never held a gun in their hands, and wouldn’t know how to work one if you gave them.
In Ghana, a girl or woman can travel all by herself or simply walk through her neighborhood without needing a man’s permission or bodyguard.
In Ghana, over 80% of our population have never witnessed an armed robbery or been victims of it.
In Ghana, a wife who’s going through domestic abuse doesn’t need ten witnesses to get a divorce.
In Ghana, if you announce there’s a bomb somewhere, people rush there to see it not away from it because they have no idea how dangerous it is.
In Ghana, any citizen (in fact anybody) can buy land, build and live anywhere they want no matter their tribe, language, colour or sex.
In Ghana, citizens are free to practice whatever religion they choose, including no religion.
In Ghana, when a police man stops you, your first instant reaction is not crippling fear, even when you just jumped a red light.
In Ghana, you can be black, white or green, wear a hooded shirt and walk the streets at night. No one cares.
In Ghana, women are not sterilized by force because someone thinks they’re having too many children. 
In Ghana, it is not a crime to have more than one child.
In Ghana, every citizen has every right to work and live in any part of the country as long as they can afford it. They don’t need a special permit.
In Ghana, no blogger has ever been jailed for any reason ever.
In Ghana, we don’t remember the last time a journalist disappeared for reporting against the government.
Most Ghanaians have no idea what war really looks like.
Most Ghanaians have never held the hands of a dying person.
In Ghana, no one gets stoned to death for adultery.
Most Ghanaians are of mixed ethnicity and multilingual.
The list is endless and feel free to add to them.

In spite of all the noises The NDC and NPP make in this country, the truth is the majority of Ghanaians, including myself, are  free atoms. We have no political affiliation. Since we, the free voters are the majority, why don’t we introduce a system where we always vote for the best behaved of the political parties. After a while, it will sink in to their stubborn coconuts and all this “all die be die, and “I declare war”  and "aluta continua" nonsense will end. I love Ghana. It is the only country I have.