Friday, November 14, 2008

Rhythms of the Night Street and other matters

Driving on traffic jammed streets is one certified way to boost stress levels... unless of course, you have a camera and a new lens to try out. I just got a sigma 50/1.4 which I'm loving. I hated both my canon 50/1.4 and 1.8s but I'm loving this:) A big part of what causes massive traffic jams in Accra is human traffic. People literally live on the streets.

Around the Salaga, Chorkor, Bukom, James Town, Teshie and Nungua neighbourhoods, it is not uncommon to find a woman carrying a basket of food to her fisherman husband who lives across the street or to see a young man with a rusticated towel around his waist crossing the street with his pale. He's going to the public bathhouse across the street. Or even worse, a gang of fisherfolk holding old newspapers heading towards the beach, across the street, to kiss nature with their bums.

I don't even want to talk about the hawkers. They only speak in threes. Harassing you once is not enough they seem to say. It must always be "Yeeees, milo milo milo. Yeeees, ice water ice water ice water or Yeees, yoghurt yoghurt yoghurt!" Don't get me wrong I don't hate them. Actually part of my childhood wasn't that different from theirs. I understand them but must they always announce their wares in threes?

On threes, the NPP is seeking a 3rd term in office. Will the third time be the charm? The NDC cannot be hungry forever. One must eat at some time. No wonder their Alpha male who was once considered docile is now barking like hell. I don't know if that explains the recent coughs. We thank God there's Prophet T.B. Joshua and co to lift him up in prayer. May they also pray for the release of the Tsikatas and every other victim of what seem like compromised systems. I know they claim it is DIKE (greek) but we must remember Furies have no allies and they enjoy the cycle of retribution. Simply put, what goes around comes around.

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