Friday, April 20, 2012

Commuting at Sunrise- Accra Style

This "trotro" was taking a short cut early in the morning. You'd think there shouldn't be that many cars on the road at that time of day but Accra is notorious for waking up early. Most people wake up between 4 and 5am to prepare to get to work.

Ghana's problem is not laziness. It's leadership. Too many people rush to work but there's very little or nothing to do. Unfortunately, over time most of these people become comfortable with getting paid to do nothing.  The day Ghana learns to maximise its human resource, that will be day our destiny will properly change.


Fiona Leonard said...

Agree, NK. There's such a disconnect between the capacity to work hard and having something meaningful to do. An uninspiring job just saps the life blood out of people.

Perhaps part of the problem though is that people accept what they are given, waiting for the elusive 'other' to give them better work or more work or challenging work. As soon as they believe that they hand over their power. As soon as they decide that, then they can actually choose another way to work then the power is once again in their hands.

You are a classic example of someone who walked away from a job you didn't love. The same opportunities exist for everyone.

kittenp said...

Are we not all responsible for the leadership in our country? We as citizens of our country can all do our part in fulfilling our country's destiny. Enough of the finger pointing. We are all responsible for Ghana's failure's and successes.

Norizwan said...

Wow great ... Very hardworking people there

Giancarlo said...

Un saluto caloroso dall'Italia...ciao